Manufacturing Quality Flags Since 1987

Since 1987 U.S. Flag Factory has produced and sold millions of high quality U.S., State, International and Advertising flags. With US Flag Factory you know you are getting a great product at manufacturer direct prices. Buy from the source!!

We carry the following flags:

  • Hercules Poly US Flags – Great American Flags made in America
  • Nylon Titan US Flags – US Flag Factory Titan Nylon flags are the finest made in the USA. Nylon is rugged yet beautiful when flying!
  • Armed forces – POW-MIA – Displaying US Military Flags are perfect way to pay tribute to the troops past and present. Get your Air Force Flag, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard or POW-MIA Flag made in the USA.
  • Custom Printed Flag – Do you need a flag for you business, sports team, event or cause? We can create any custom flags to meet your needs.
  • State Flags – From Alabama to Wyoming we carry every State Flag in a huge variety of sizes. We also carry Indoor State Flags
  • International Flags – US Flag Factory carries a wide selection of flags from other countries. If you don’t see your country here.. don’t worry we can create a custom flag for you.
  • Message and Marketing Flags – Do you need an “Open” Flag or a flag with messaging on it? We have a wide selection of message flags for businesses.
  • Rainbow Flags – Are you looking to fly a rainbow flag? We have been producing Rainbow flags since the 1980’s. Our rainbow flags are high quality and built to last.
  • Christian Flags – US Flag Factory has a huge selection of sizes of Christian Flags. We also carry indoor Christ Flag Sets.
  • Attention Flags – Do you need a checkered flag for a race? How about a Red Flag? We carry a great selection of attention flags for any occasion.

US Flag Factory also carry everything you need to fly your flag in any situation.
US Flag Factory accessories for flying your flag:

  • Spinning Poles and Brackets – Spinning Poles Help to keep your flag from getting tangled around your pole.
  • Indoor Flag Sets & Flag Accessories – From stands to wooden poles and decorative pole tops we carry everything you need to fly your flag indoors.
  • Flag Poles – Do you need a 20′ flag pole? US Flag Factory has them for you, so you can fly your flag high and proud.

All Flags by US Flag Factory are proudly made in the U.S.A.